snape snape snape *sigh*

Wrap me up tight, wrap me up safe, wrap me up in cotton wool and bubblewrap

wrap me up and i'll still get hurt

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snape snape snape *sigh*
Has become a little to attached to the snowball drink :(
REally dont want to go back to work tomo....i still need a chance to sssssssssslllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp......
night all

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snape snape snape *sigh*
is thinking that i reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy dont want to go to work tomo and that i would much rather go back to the cinema to watcha dn rewatch and rewatch twilight....eeeeeeppppppp
Who knew that he could actually be that hot? Who!

snape snape snape *sigh*
I think my name should be changed to ow....or at least Miss Pain in every bloody body part mentionable.
Should i start at the beginning? Yes, i think i should.
about 2 weeks ago tomo i went to bed with a pain near my tailbone. it got worse and worse until i went to the GPs on tuesday. She prescribed me strong penicillin, told me to come back friday...
Came back friday...she sent me to A+E...honestly how is it that i can avoid going to A+E for 18 years of my life and in one month, just one month i end up in A+E TWICE!!!! now that is really not fair.
Waited for four hours in St Georges with the machine nicking my mums 60p, got seen and told in five minutes that i had a large inverted abscess and i needed to have surgery on it quickly to save me from any more pain, therefore i was a gynaecology ward....don't know what the hell it has to do with my abscess but there you go.
24 hours later of no food and halfway through chitty chitty bang bang i was called down to surgery.
Woke up and was taken back to the ward just in time for X-factor! and of course miley Cyrus...forget britney...
I thought tht was it but the next day the nurse gave me a horrible has to be repacked daily to prevent infection...nobody told me that!
Repacking is BLOODY painful. To put it in perspective it was worse than having both of my knee surgeries put together...i know that might seem an exaggeration but it is true.
That has been going on daily and because of the pain i havent been able to go to uni...which means that my overdue libary book is not going back until after christmas...i am dreading the overdue bill....
Placement on sunday again...not sure how i am going to cope with that and my back but we shall see wont we...
Anyways enogh about is everyone else?

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snape snape snape *sigh*

I'M GOING TO UNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEXT MONTH AT SOME POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so i dont have the full details yet and brocklebank are being all funny with helping me fill out the occupational health form, but either way my reserve place for TVU came through for me and i am going to be a student midwife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's really hard for me to not get overly happy and excited, especially when my dad is all down and depressed and unemployed. And Trevor is being a complete and utter bastard now that he knows dad has no money.
And i know i was exactly like him a few weeks ago getting completely and uterly fed up with lack of jobness and feeling like everyone is going to uni except me and feeling left behind and worthless. But now i am so bouncy and happy and i just want to go round to everyone and hug them and then help them in one way or another. I am going to be a student midwife!!!! Its hard not to get excited about my dream coming true!
After all that panicing about my grades not being enough it turns out my grades are fine, all they ask is 2 grades equating to 120 points and i have 200 from 3, so yay me!!!!!!
My placement is at Hillingdon Hospital which sure is all the way across london and the admissions officer did warn me that i amy have to get up really early to do shift work but to be honest i couldn't care less....because i'm going to be a midwife!!!!!!!!!
Anyways i should probably mention something other than midwifey stuff. I watched the first episode of the latest series of bones which was made and set in London! Absolutely hilarious watching David Boreanez attempt to drive round london roads and roundabouts. The brilliance of the episode was destroyed by typical american opinion of English people. Yes we all drink tea not coffee and we all go around in tiny minis, and saying bond, James bond. An english actress was in the episode and i just couldn't seperate her from Torchwood. I kept saying your supposed to be dead, and saying shes evil (my parents think i am going crazy), it might help to say that the torchwood actress who only appeared in two episodes was Suzie! now my madness is explained you see. Her acting as the police detective in bones was the same as her acting as Suzie in Torchwood so i got confunded... :(
Camp Rock is made of YAY! (oh damn i guess all that talk in history really did rub off on me :( But still lots of fun upbeat music, AND believe it or not a new story line for Disney Channel, but not a new storyline on the whole as i saw a similar story line in Raise You Voice with Hilary Duff, which in my opinion is much better.
Ok i have run out of things to say, oh i have an MRI on Sunday, two physiotherapies on Monday. My nan is coming up with Denise and Matthew my new little cousin tomorow.
So to round up and end on a high note
i'M GOING TO BE A STUDENT MIDWIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Does anyone know where i can get £1000 quickly without having to apy it back or anything?
snape snape snape *sigh*
Ok short update, I may have some good news in the very near future concerning Midwifery stuff, but i cant say anymore because i'm waiting for the woman to call me...i hate waiting for people to call it always gets me nervous and then stressed and then i cant sleep and then i get grumpy and snappy and then i get sick...its a bad circle :(
I think i had four hours sleep last night sleeping onmy virtually uncarpeted bedroom floor because the bed was making me really restless. I am definately taking some nightol tonight, i know i really shouldn't but i need to get some sleep, my body officially cant take anymore no sleepingness.
Blood tests came back...oh hang on have i mentioned i had blood tests? Well yeah i have had blood tests to find out whats wrong with my muscles. Caused a completely horrible and ghastly bruise that was dark purple and blotchy ( it really didn't look nice against my pale skin :( ) and came back negative for lots of stuff, including what i thought it was which is fibromyaglobia or something like that because i literally have all the symptoms but they tested for that and it is negative. They said just continue with physio, but how can i when i struggle to do the exercises.
Anyways i will update again should the good news actually come through for me.

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snape snape snape *sigh*
My mind has gone biserk...
Ok maybe i should start at the begining. On Friday i was woken up at six to catch a train from Paddington that didn't leave until 10:45. It took two hours to get to Wales and me and my mum were a little overly fascinated by the plug sockets on the underside of the seats in front of us and simply had to charge up our phone/ ipod...what can i say it was a plug socket on a TRAIN!!! and then the pull out table of the seat in front of me had another pully outy thing which i ended up doing repeatedly until my parents noticed and looked at me strangely. I nicked the newspaper and started doing the suduku (hey i only just figured out how to do it so there) all the while my mind started to wander and started playing episodes of House and Torchwood in my head...without sound :( *sigh* i NEED Torchwood season 2 and House season 4...damn you Jennie, i was never interested in them until this you, that pushed aside tho the clips wouldn't leave me alone and eventually i was forced to distract myself to stop me going playing the dot game.
Got To Cardiff (going AAAGGGHHHH Torchwood was filmed here in my mind) and literally walked all over the place to find the guest house, only to find out later that we had been literally walking around in circles around the guest house :(. mum decided in the evening to find the Tourist infomation centre, so we walked with a map in her hands to find it, we walked all the way down St Marys High Street, up through a walk of bars down anouther road that ran adjacent to St Marys and ended up literally yards from where we started staring at the tourist infomation centre...never leave a map in my mums hands and expect her to know where she is going. And the to top it off it was closed :( 
Thats it for the friday really, now onto saturday.
Woke up and Went back to the tourist info place, then went to Cardiff castle in the pouring rain. Had some lunch and then came the fun bit, we got on the city sightseeing bus and went to the millenium centre. Got off the bus and ran about (or should i say hobbled about) going *eeeeeeeeee* Found the entrance to Torchwood and mum laughed at me when i jumped up and down and still couldnt get in :( Went in to the millenium centre and went in the shop, found some Dr Who stuff but no Torchwood stuff...not good. On the ride on the way back my parents embarressed me when the commentator asked if there were any Torchwood fans on the bus and they both pointed to me :( Saturday was a very wet day.
Sunday we went to the Cardiff museum...worst museum i have ever been to (and i've been to alot...ok yes they are war related but still, the museum was terrible) when we were at the train station there was a seagull that was literally saying "Ow" and another one that sounded like it was naturally there were alot of seagull jokes made.
The journey back home took five hours and i cant be bothered to write it right for now i shall say goodnight.
*I really dont want my results on thursday :(*

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snape snape snape *sigh*
hey everyone!!!!
just posting to let anyone who is interested know that i had an interview at thames Valley and they have got back to me saying that i am on the reserve list for queen charlottes and Ealing hospital and that i also have the option to be considered for the april intake if i want...
just got back from maidstone...v.v.v.v. tired,
thats all i really have to say...hope everyone is ok...AGH!!! i really dont want my results next week :(

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snape snape snape *sigh*
how do i always get myself into these messes?
I now very conveiniently owe my parents £139.50, which i have to pay back in full but of course i cant because i dont have a job and i only have a hundred pounds in my bank of which i have to get my hair redyed and go to thorpe park and i dunno have a life :(
On the upside no more exams which means shopping/ harry potter/ torchwood/ desperate housewives/ heroes/ house/ cherub/ and all those other books and shows i have banned myself from watching for five months...YAY
My mum has also bought me a very pretty black problem its a little bit short (like my mini skirts) only i cant hide my knees wearing it because 3 quarter length leggings with it because they really really really dont go...
Went to see Sex and the city on wensday!!! never saw the tv show but went to see the film...and omg i am so buying the tv and my mum afterwards went into a whole lets go shopping thing (hense the shopping trip) and shoes shoes shoes...
I need shoes all i can actually wear at the moment are my flip flops which caused me to fall up the stairs, and my three inch sandels which hurt my back when trainers, and all my other shoes cant be worn cause they cut up my feet and i need trainers for thorpe park or instead of low flying metal bars it will be low flying melissas shoes :(
I really really really need a job...:(
Hope everyones ok!!!  

snape snape snape *sigh*

hmmm i was having quite a good evening until a few minutes ago...and quite a good weekend until today...  :(
lets see Vietnam not too bad at the time i thought it was terrible but it got better after the last exam...
war should go bloody die!!!!!...out of a total 12 paragraphs over two essays not including intro and conclusion i managed to write...drumroll please...4...absolutely terrible...the exam just wouldnt u see why the vietnam exam seemed to get better after the war paper...
now onto the parents went out on saterday whilst i stayed home and revised but no matter how hard i tried nothing was sinking in and i kept getting distracted :(
sunday just died no revision was done instead i had a burger craving and ate some popcorn whilst watching big bro and then watching M*A*S*H and then watching Torchwood season 1 which was entirely made of yay!!!
Today...attempted to revise Tudor...but like the last time i tried to revise Tudor...i fell asleep :( not much revision done then... went to physio and came home aching in pain and with not much improvement done...stupid melissa falling when i had just started improving.... :(
This evening i watched football, talked with my mum, discussed shopping and shoes and girly stuff!!!!
Went on the computer and checked my ucas and guess what....ANOTHER FUCKING REJECTION!!!!!!!!!!! i am getting really fed up now what do i have to do to get ONE BLOODY OFFER!!!!!!!!!! JUST ONE THAT IS ALL I ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i could have sworn alot more during that but i am currently trying to remain calm....and failing :<
i'm gonna go now before i annoy myself even more sorry if this entry annoys any of you but i needed to vent... 

knee 2 : the final encounter...or is it?
snape snape snape *sigh*

Ok well i tried to post this earlier but the hospital computers kept freezing on me so i am posting it now when i am at home instead.
The op went ok and i didn't wake up with amnesia or trying to hit the nurses, instead there was alot of pain. The only way i can describe it is imagine you were hit by a car or motor bike treble that pain and the localise it into the knee and the pain spreads everywhere from there. because there was alot of pain they kept giving me drugs like morphine and tri..something or other until one of the nurses actually looked at my notes and realised if they gave me any more of those drugs then i would be OD.
Physio person came with my new crutches and the same boring old exersizes and guess what? I cannot move my leg by myself someone has to lift it for me so i can get out of bed etc and also my leg cannot support my weight even when most of it is on crutches. Becuase of all this they had to keep me in overnight so that they could control my pain with the use of that lovely medical invention...the IV...all i can say to that is owseriously how much sticky stuff do you need to hold it down its worse and less effective than waxing for cryin out loud. parents bought me one of those cards so i could use the TV and not be bored since we hadn't come prepared to stay in hospital and then i find out that they have put the internet on it!!!!!!!!!!!!11 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!11 so naturally i spend my time on it.
One major problem with hospitals these days is the lack of Coke, this needs to be rectified immediantly. thankfully my mum sneaked in a bottle for me and when they left i got told off by the nurse for having it (i was so sure i had hidden it but maybe the fact that i was sick gave it away/ or maybe he has met me before and i didn't know it?) Another problem is the nurses need to check your blood pressure over and over and over again. at one point i had my blood pressure checked about three times in 20 mins by three different nurses (there is only so much one person can bloody take!!!!!)
Next on my topics to moan to you food!
absolutely disgusting with the exception of the orange juice and biscuits they gave me. On the friday i had a grand total of 8 small biscuits and a small orange squash (with some coca-cola and a fair bit of water) in the morning of today i had two slices of bread and orange juice...therefore i was hungry and rather dizzy by lunch time and the food was DISGUSTING! they tried to give me this soup...i dont know what it was but it smelt disgusting and looked like soggy powder. unfortunately the nurse noticed that i was relying too much on my oxygen mask and promptly told me off again.
This is all i can be bothered to moan about at the moment though i may come back when i feel less tired to tell you more about the last two days and the fun i have been having (please note the sarcasm)
lots of love



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